Waterstones S.r.l was founded in 2009 by the union of some geologists with consolidated skills in the geotechnical field. The company offers a wide range of services related to the geotechnical, geomechanical, hydrogeologic and geophysical monitoring as well Wireline log in borehole and well, both in Italy and abroad.

Our company realizes and manages monitoring systems to support civil engineering projects, including construction sites involving the use of rope technique as rock slopes, buildings and dams. We made a significant number of monitoring systems for the control and prevention of landslides, rock falls, rock excavation and dynamic monitoring of structural elements. Our activity deals also with the hydrogeologic monitoring related to construction sites under the groundwater level, exploitation of water and geothermal resources.

Waterstones S.r.l. has a wide experience in the geophysical log field in borehole and well (Well Log). We are able to operate in vertical holes up to 1400 m depth as well in horizontal and variably inclined holes. We can perform different measure types to support the design and the execution phases of civil engineering and hydrogeology projects as well the mining prospecting and exploitation of the geothermal resource.