Waterstones srl performs wireline log service in vertical boreholes up to a depth of 1800 m as well in horizontal and variably inclined holes. Our specific tools and acquisition system suite and support the design and the executive phases of civil engineering works, hydrogeology analysis, research and exploitation of geothermal resources and mineral prospection.


Waterstones Srl realizes and manages monitoring systems for landslide control, falling rocks, rock excavation, structural elements, vibration measurements. We manage also aquifer measurements and control systems for the exploitation of groundwater and geothermal resources. Our staff is also qualified to works in construction sites using rope positioning such as rock cliffs, buildings and dam face.

More and more frequently there is the need to apply continuous monitoring to verify the evolution of the phenomena or to verify the interventions carried out. For this reason our company uses dedicated dataloggers, data transfer via gsm / gprs and diverse alert systems. The customer can access, through authentication, to the project area and control, in real time, the evolution of the data (Web Monitoring Service).