The wireline log is used to determine the physical/chemical characteristics of the geological formations crossed by a borehole or a well and the fluids present inside it. The physical/chemical characteristics are deduced directly or indirectly from a wide range of measurable data. The wireline log service is performed with specific probes connected to the surface by signal cables. The measured data are then combinated each other  to determine individual properties of interest.

Main application fields:

♦ geotechnics;

♦ hydrogeology and geothermal research;

♦ mining exploitation;

environmental research. 

Main advantages:

♦ the continuous recording of the borehole parameters provides an amount of high quality data to support and improve the traditional geognostic techniques;

♦ it allows to obtain data even in intervals with difficult core recovery;

♦ it allows to reduce the coring operations economizing the cost and execution time;

♦ it represents a powerful tool for the project phase.