optvThis camera generates an continuous and oriented image at 360° of the borehole walls using an optical system. The CCD camera records the image through a prism while the lighting is provided by a string of LEDs located above the optic element.

The scanned image of the borehole is then developed on the plane and oriented according to the magnetic north. On the developed image, the crossed structures such as fractures and joints, correspond to sinusoidal traces.

The optical camera is operating in clear water conditions or in dry borehole and needs to be centralized on the hole.


♦ Fractures and cavities identification;

♦ Geomechanical analysis of vertical and horizontal boreholes;

♦ Inspection of casing, piezometric pipes, localization of slotted portion;

♦ Archaeological surveys;

♦ Inspection of concrete structures;

♦ Paleoclimatic study of permafrost and glaciers.